Flowers based face care
Flowers based face care

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Flowers based face care

The nature is the best doctor. There are a lot of plants that heal the organism.

The traditional medicine that uses plants to remedy different diseases is called herbal medicine.

Because there are a lot of skin diseases it is already proven that different plants and flowers can remedy acne, pimples, psoriasis etc.



  • The rose. The benefits of the rose for the skin are well known since the ancient times.

The rose water is a natural tonic for the sensitive skin, because the rose doesn’t irritate the skin and it is very gentle.

The rose is part of many cosmetic products such as daily face creams, body lotions, makeup removers etc.

The rose is ideal for a sensitive skin, a mature skin and a dry skin.


  • The chamomile. The chamomile is very useful for the skin. The chamomile has soothing powers: it calms the irritated skin and the sun burnt skin.

The chamomile tea can also be used directly on the skin to cleanse the skin and to calm the irritations. The tea also has anti – bacterial and anti – inflammatory effects and can also be used to calm the irritations in the mouth.

The chamomile is used very often in the cosmetics. It’s a main ingredient in many cosmetic products.


  • Magnolia. The magnolia has an anti – aging effect on the skin, because it neutralizes the free radicals. It’s an ingredient which penetrates deeply into the skin.

Very often, the magnolia is part of anti – aging creams or lotions.

The magnolia strengthens the skin.


  • Aloe vera. The aloe vera is used to calm the irritated skin, to eliminate the rushes on the skin after epilation, to calm the sun burnt skin and to hydrate the dry skin.

Normally, we use the aloe vera gel for all the skin problems, but there are a lot of very hydrating cosmetic products which are based on aloe vera.


The flower therapy is very effective. There are a lot of beauty salons which practice the aromatherapies or spas with flowers.