Eyeshadow and lipstick parings
Eyeshadow and lipstick parings

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Eyeshadow and lipstick parings

There really are a lot of eyeshadow colors. But there are also a lot of lipstick colors. So, sometimes it is difficult to know which lipstick with which eyeshadow should you pair.

How to know if the choice of the colors is good?



  • Violet eyeshadows. The violet eyeshadows look very good on brown eyes. Those shades are for the braver ones because the violet is an eccentric color when it comes to makeup.

The nude and the red lipstick make the perfect pair with the violet eyes.

The nude lipstick is good with any eye combination, but the pair violet eyes and red lips is for the braver ones. You should be very attentive when choosing the red lipstick for this pair.


  • Red eyeshadows. The red eyeshadows are a new trend which looks very good if you know how to combine them. If you don’t pair them perfectly, you will look like you’ve gone out from a horror movie.

The perfect match for this eyeshadow would be the burgundy lipstick which will give you a cool look.


  • Blue eyeshadows. The blue eyeshadows are also specific. To wear them correctly, you need to pair them with a red lipstick with orange shades. The perfect match would be a tangerine lipstick.


  • Smokey eyes. If you wear smokey eyes, your eyes will be accentuated. So, the lips should be gentler.

You can pair the smokey eyes with a nude or a rose lipstick.


  • Green eyeshadows. The green eyeshadows are also specific.

You can combine them with a nude, rose or peach lipstick.


It is important to accentuate either the eyes or the lips. Never both at the same time. If you want to wear more eccentric colors, you need to be very careful.