Eyebrow dandruff? Don't worry!
Eyebrow dandruff? Don't worry!

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Eyebrow dandruff? Don't worry!

Nowadays, the problem with eyebrow dandruff is not unknown. And instead of hitting straight to an expensive treatment, we should really considerate treating our eyebrows with some home ingredients available in our kitchen.

So, let’s see what causes this problem and how to deal with it.

Dry and flaky skin is the primary reason for getting eyebrow dandruff, and the first thing that we can do to treat the dryness is to apply a thick layer of moisturizer or face cream. This will prevent further drying and will gradually decrease dandruff.

Another way of getting rid of this skin condition is to use a mild scrubber and face wash to exfoliate our eyebrows. But, we have to be very careful with this very effective remedy and close our eyes while washing our face to protect them from additional problem.

Among the long list of home remedies there are also: Tea tree oil, almond oil and egg oil.

Tea tree oil - This oil when mixed with aloe vera gel can help in reducing dandruff.  Take few layers of the mixture and massage the affected area. This very helpful remedy has a long-term effect.

Almond oil - This oil is also very helpful in dealing with the problem. Apply few drops of almond oil before going to bed. This remedy has two advantages:

  • First, it helps in growing eyebrows
  • Second, it prevents eyebrow loss

Egg oil - This oil is one of the most effective and oldest methods for treating eyebrow dandruff. All we have to do is apply just a few drops on our eyebrows and massage them. Egg oil helps the production of natural oils, therefore, prevents dryness and dandruff.

Aside from these wonderful oils there is another kitchen remedy we might not believe that is very effective in fighting dandruff. Table salt acts as a great exfoliator and helps in removing flakes from our eyebrows. Gently rub the eyebrows with some table salt. This will remove any existing dandruff and prevent the appearance of another.