Everything you need to know about Vitamin E in skincare
Everything you need to know about Vitamin E in skincare

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Everything you need to know about Vitamin E in skincare


Caring for our skin is very important especially if we want to have glowing and flawless skin without the annoying pimples, wrinkles or blemishes. That’s why we should have balanced diet and eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other natural ingredients that are beneficial not only for the skin but for our overall health too. There are many vitamins which are good for our skin but when it comes to beauty benefits, Vitamin E is the star of the nutrient world. Here’s why:


ANTI-AGEING: Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidants. If your skin shows signs of premature aging and wrinkles don’t worry, this Vitamin can be your secret weapon against the ageing skin. It can repair damaged tissues and can make your skin shiny and youthful.

SUN DAMAGE: Since it is a powerhouse of antioxidants it can be highly effective when treating the damage that is caused by the harmful sun rays. It increases the collagen production and shoots sunburns. Choose sunscreens that contain Vitamin E or apply Vitamin E oil directly on the skin and have a healthy skin without sunburns and damages.

HYPERPIGMENTATION: If you have already tried different methods and products to treat hyperpigmentation and nothing helped,opt for Vitamin E. It helps in lightening the affected parts and effectively prevents the appearance of the dark spots.

TREATS DARK CIRCLES: Many women experience this problem, but Vitamin E can help you to get rid of the dark circles around your eyes. Just apply the Vitamin E oil around the eyes along with your daily cream and massage gently- the results are incredible.

CHAPPED LIPS: Vitamin E oil acts like a moisturizer and can help soften dry lips. It will provide them with hydration and they will become soft and supple within 2 days.