Everything you need to know about the strobing
Everything you need to know about the strobing

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Everything you need to know about the strobing

The strobing is a new technique which is more and more popular and which will replace the contouring.

We do the strobing to give a glow to our face and to emphasize our assets. We can make our eyes, our lips and the high cheekbones look bigger. We can also correct our nose with this technique.



In order to do this technique you will need a highlighter. The highlighter can be a cream highlighter, a powder highlighter or a liquid highlighter.

The glow on your face will give a visual effect of a tanned complexion. Because the sun is dangerous for the skin, because of the UV rays, the strobing is the perfect solution to accentuate the complexion.

Normally, the contouring, the strobing and the baking are techniques which serve to give a perfect visual effect and to hide the flaws on the face.

Because the contouring wasn't accepted by everybody, because the effect was very obvious, the strobing, on the contrary is accepted by everybody because the effect is a suntanned and glowing complexion in a natural way.

The 2018 was the year of a glowing skin. All of the new makeup products gave a glow and a radiance to the face. This is why the strobing is approved by a lot of people.

To do a successful strobing you need to prepare the skin first. The skin should be very well hydrated. The face powder should already be applied and the next step is the highlighter. You apply the highlighter on the T zone, on the bones of the eyebrows and on the Cupid's bow. Those are face areas which have a natural glow. But, if you have an oily or a combination skin, avoid applying the highlighter on the T zone. After, you will powder your face and apply the blush.

To get a bigger effect of a suntanned skin, you should use a bronze blush. With the strobing technique and with a bronze blush, you can have a suntanned skin even in winter.

To get even more glow, you can use a glittery fixative powder.