Everything you need to know about the pH of the skin
Everything you need to know about the pH of the skin

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Everything you need to know about the pH of the skin

The skin is the biggest organ in our body which protects the organism and the other organs from the external influences. The skin regulates the body's temperature and eliminates the accumulated toxins. 

The pH is an abbreviation for a potential hydrogen. The pH of a solution is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. A neutral pH is 7. Consequently, if the pH value is bigger than 7, the pH of the solution is basic. If the value is smaller than 7, the pH of the solution is acidic. 



- The acidity can cause acne. The oily skin has a value of a pH smaller than 5,5. So the pH of the oily skin is acidic. The acidity can be the cause of many different diseases. Acne is also a skin disease. The persons with an oily skin should regulate the pH of their skin. They have to drink a lot of water and they have to use natural cosmetic products adapted on their skin type. 


- The toxins are the reason for an acidic pH of the skin. Because the skin gets rid of the toxins by sweating, we should help the skin get rid of them regularly. You should do sports in order to help the skin breathe and sweat. Another way is to do a detoxification by eating healthy food and by drinking juices which detoxify the organism. 

You should also do scrubs and use products which cleanse the skin profoundly. There are cosmetic products which are especially made to detoxify the skin from the external influences, like the pollution.


- Nourish the skin. This pH system which is regulated by the skin, develops in the period of puberty and serves to protect the skin from bacteria. The skin should have a very strong immunity so it can protect the organism and so it can balance the pH value. We should nourish the skin by eating foods rich with vitamins and by using cosmetic products rich with vitamins.


You should also use cosmetic products which have a neutral pH value, like neutral soaps, so you can maintain the good pH balance of the skin.