Everything you need to know about the eyeliner
Everything you need to know about the eyeliner

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Everything you need to know about the eyeliner

The eyeliner is an indispensable product which gives a classic look. It’s the famous ‘cat eye’ look.

There are different sorts of eyeliner, with a different structure and with a different brush. They also have different colors.

The main problem of many women, is how to apply it properly. There are two types of women: those who use it daily and it is a routine for them and those who don’t know how to apply it or use it and their eyes don’t have the same quantity of eyeliner on them.



  • A black or white eyeliner? The black eyeliner is a classic, but the white eyeliner is a retro. So, which one is better for you?

The white eyeliner can be used by everybody, especially the persons with small eyes. The white eyeliner opens your eyes and makes them visually bigger. It is better to use this eyeliner if you are a makeup beginner.

Another combination for the more experienced ones, is to use both the black and the white eyeliner together. You apply a white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyelid, which is close to your nose. You apply it till the middle of your eye. You apply the black eyeliner on the rest of the eye – the end of your eye.

If you would like to use a black eyeliner, you need to be the most experienced and you should have big eyes, as the black makes the eyes look smaller visually.


  • Liquid eyeliner, the most used eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner is the most used eyeliner. It’s the women’s favorite, as it leaves an extreme color, which stays on the eye lid for a long time, even if the eyeliner is not waterproof.

But this type of eyeliner should be used only by the most experienced ones. It is hard to apply it, if you are a beginner, because of its type of brush. The beginner can use all the other types of eyeliners, which have a different type of brush.


  • Eyeliner stamps for the beginners. The beginners can use eyeliner stamps, in order to find the good eyeliner line. This line should be close to the eyelashes as much as possible. Don’t forget to put a mascara afterwards.

The eyeliner is truly magical. It gives a classical, sophisticated, elegant and glamorous look.