Everything you need to know about the exfoliation and the peeling
Everything you need to know about the exfoliation and the peeling

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Everything you need to know about the exfoliation and the peeling

It is an eternal dilemma:

  1. What is the difference between a peeling and an exfoliating mask?
  2. Should the peeling be done before or after the exfoliation?
  3. How many times a week?
  4. Why to exfoliate the face?
  5. Why to do peelings?

Both, the peeling and the exfoliation repair your skin. Both, the peeling and the exfoliation remove the dead cells on the skin, so the skin can continue with the process of renewal.

The peeling is a procedure with which the dead cells are removed. Because during this process, the skin can dry out, the exfoliants are added – the ingredients which hydrate the skin.

Because the peeling dries out the skin, the first step is to do a peeling and then the second step is to do an exfoliation.

The peeling is very important for the skin, because we clean the skin profoundly with it. With the peeling, the skin is detoxified, the blood’s microcirculation gets activated and the cells regenerate.

The exfoliation also cleans the skin, it has an anti – age effect and most importantly, it hydrates the skin profoundly. After the peeling procedure, it is very important to don’t forget to hydrate the skin. The hydration is very important for all of the skin types, as for the oily skin too.

There are different products to do both, the peeling and the exfoliation. There are also a lot of recipes to do a peeling or an exfoliation at home. The most famous homemade exfoliating mask is the one with honey and lemon juice. If we would like to make a peeling we also add sugar. The honey hydrates the skin very well, so this mask can be applied on all skin types.

It is recommended to make a peeling or exfoliation once a week. It is not necessary to do peeling or exfoliation every day.

The peeling or the exfoliation should be put around the gentle parts on the face, so not on the lips nor around the eyes’ area. The peeling and the exfoliation are a way of helping the skin to look perfect.