Epsom salt scrubs for fresh and glowing skin!
Epsom salt scrubs for fresh and glowing skin!

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Epsom salt scrubs for fresh and glowing skin!


Hello Ladies! The summer is just around the corner and we know that every woman wants to have beautiful and radiant skin during the best season. The importance of the CTM routine is inevitable but when it comes to the skin care there is one more method that can make your skin fresh and soft- the body scrubs! 

Today our Crystal Secret Team will reveal you the most effective homemade scrubs with Epsom salt that will do wonders to your skin. The Epsom salt is known for its exfoliating properties and it also cleanses the skin, treats acne and flushes toxins from the skin. Here are the recipes:

 1. Epsom salt scrub for radiant skin.
You will need: 1 cup Epsom salt
                        2 drops of an essential oil of your choice
                        3 drops of Jojoba oil 
Mix the ingredients until you get a coarse paste. Cleanse your skin and apply the paste on it. Massage the mixture with your fingers on the skin. After you've massaged every part of your body wash the mixture with lukewarm water. 
2. Epsom salt scrub for soft skin.
You will need: 1/2 cup Epsom salt
                        2 tbsp Jojoba oil
                        1 tbsp crushed lavender
                        1 capsule vitamin E oil
Crush the lavender herbs in a glass bowl, then add the other ingredients and make a mixture. Now gently apply 1 tbsp of the scrub on your face, massage for 1-2 minutes and then rinse it of with warm water. The results are incredible.