Egg collagen is essential for healthy, younger looking skin
Egg collagen is essential for healthy, younger looking skin

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Egg collagen is essential for healthy, younger looking skin

Collagen is the most abundant and vital protein in the human body most commonly found in our bones, muscles, and tendons.  It’s THE substance that gives our skin its strength and elasticity or the “glue” that holds us together.

It’s very important to maintain this substance in our bodies because as we age, the collagen production naturally begins to slow down and we start to get sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. On the other hand, a high-sugar diet, excessive alcohol intake, sun exposure, and smoking are the other causes that decrease collagen production.

However, there is one food source of collagen protein that is also full of health benefits - the eggs.

Eggs have two transparent protein membranes between the eggshell and egg white in which is found collagen. The health benefits of egg collagen are impressive. This collagen can improve the skin quality and decrease wrinkles at the same time. It is absolutely essential for healthy, younger looking skin. Eggshell membranes have outstanding effects in the suppression of skin aging, which included their ability to mitigate UV-B radiation-induced wrinkles. They can protect the skin from wrinkles, sun exposure, and moisture loss and can be utilized as a natural beauty product.

Here are some other interesting facts about egg collagen:

  • Eggs have two membranes, both of which contain collagen.
  • Egg yolks also contain collagen.
  • Eggs contain two types of collagen: type I and type V.
  • Eggs and their collagen take about 24 to 26 hours to form inside a chicken.
  • As a chicken grows older produces larger eggs, which means greater amounts of collagen per egg.
  • Egg collagen supplements don’t typically have to be refrigerated but make sure to always refrigerate the eggs.