Effective homemade remedies for facial hair
Effective homemade remedies for facial hair

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Effective homemade remedies for facial hair

Beautifying yourself is not an easy job. You need to take care of each and every part from head to toe. When it comes to skin, everyone wishes to poses fair skin especially the one on the face. But, due to stress and hormonal changes, some women face with facial hair. It has been found that women with dark hair are more likely to grow facial hair than the blondie ones.

Fortunately, there are many cosmetic remedies for removing unwanted facial hair, but why not try some homemade remedies that are equally effective in removing hair as those in the drugstores.


Papaya works as natural bleach and can help in removing the unwanted hairs from the face. Mix turmeric powder and raw papaya pulp. Massage the face with this paste and rinse it off with water after 15-20 minutes. This natural remedy will make the skin look good without any hair and at the same time will make your skin fresh and glowing.



Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory features that can help in reducing hair growth over the skin. This herb is best if you have facial hairs. It can be easily mixed with other ingredients, so in case you have to remove hairs you can mix it with wheat, rice or gram flour or sesame seeds and ground oats.



When you mix sugar with honey and lemon juice it becomes wax. You can prepare this mixture of sugar lemon and honey for hair removal for all parts of the body including the face. Although this process is a bit painful, the results are long-lasting and the skin is clean without any hair.



A mix of egg, sugar and corn flour can act as a great natural peel-off mask for facial hair removal.  Prepare the mask by mixing one egg white and adding corn flour. Apply the paste and let it dry. Peel-off to get rid of unwanted facial hair.