Dry and damaged hands? Not anymore!
Dry and damaged hands? Not anymore!

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Dry and damaged hands? Not anymore!

The hands dry out very quickly if we wash them frequently. The cold in winter dries and damages them and it’s not very easy to take a good care of them. The hand cream is not always the best solution. You should use regular scrubs and essential oils to nourish them.

Which oils to use for dry and damaged hands?



  • Olive oil. Because during the day we wash our hands frequently, you can massage the hands with an olive oil before going to bed, in order to get better results.

The olive oil repairs the skin and it regenerates it. This oil is recommended for every skin type.


  • Mix two oils. To repair even the driest hands, you should mix two oils together. The avocado oil and the argan oil mixed together give the best results. The avocado oil doesn’t leave a greasy film and the argan oil it’s a real gold in a bottle.


  • Coconut oil. The coconut oil is perfect for a very dry skin and it’s an oil which nourishes the skin very deeply. The results are visible as soon as the next day. This oil also nourishes the nails.

This oil is normally not recommended for an oily skin because it can cause acne, but, because there is usually no acne on the hands, it is safe to be used on the hands.


  • A recipe for a treatment which repairs the dry and damaged hands. To prepare this recipe you should also mix two oils. You will need:


  • 5 ml of rosehip vegetable oil
  • 5 drops of lavandin essential oil

Mix the two oils together.

Apply the mixture on the hands by massaging the hands. You can use this mixture three times per day in order to get the best results until the improvement of the state of the skin.


  • Mix the oils with the vitamin E. The vitamin E is essential for a proper skin function. This is why you can mix it with any oil to nourish and to repair the dry and damaged hands.

All of the oils repair and nourish the skin profoundly. Some of the oils also have an anti – aging effect, so you can use them no matter your age and no matter the skin type.