Drink these 4 teas for a perfect skin
Drink these 4 teas for a perfect skin

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Drink these 4 teas for a perfect skin

What we eat and what we drink has a great influence on how our skin looks. In order to have a perfect skin, we should choose very carefully our food and drinks.

Those are the 4 teas which are miraculously helping your skin to look perfect: the green tea, the chamomile tea, the rooibos tea and the white tea.

Despite the other benefits for the health, thanks to their contents – the antioxidants, they can be a remedy to your skin from the sun and they can keep your skin hydrated.



  • The green tea – the green tea is very good in improving your health. It is better to consume it after a meal, because it decreases the absorption of the iron, if it’s being consumed during the meal. It prevents the premature aging of the skin. Because it has a vitamin C in its content, it protects the skin from the sun.


  • The chamomile tea – the chamomile is a very soothing plant which is used to soothe the problems with irritations on the skin, to calm the digestive system, to cure the anxiety, to protect the skin from the sun and to improve your sleep. It can also be used directly on the skin to cure first degree burns.


  • The rooibos tea - it is a decaf tea which can help with the allergies and the eczemas on the skin. It can help with an insomnia. It has an anti – age and antibacterial effect on the skin. It contains a zinc, which can help in repairing the skin. If it is directly applied on the skin, it forms a protective barrier on the skin against the UV rays.


  • The white tea – it is the most beneficial tea for both the skin and the health. It is always pure, because it is not oxidized. It strengthens the immune system. By eliminating the toxins in the organism, it prevents the acne occurrence. It heals the skin very good in case of a skin infection.