Do's and don'ts for oily, dry, combination skin type!
Do's and don'ts for oily, dry, combination skin type!

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Do's and don'ts for oily, dry, combination skin type!

For healthy skin it's important to have a skin care routine that you follow regularly. It is also important to follow a few 'unwritten rules' that cater to your skin type. If you have oily, dry or combination skin, here a few DOs and DON'Ts to keep the bumps and shine away:



  • wash regularly - choose a face wash that will combat oil and shine.
  • use spf - exposure to the sun can cause acne, so make sure you use a sunscreen daily.
  • choose oil-free makeup - always use mattifying powders, concealers and foundations.



  • skip the moisturizer - keep up the daily moisturizing, because oily skin needs moisture too.
  • touch your face - picking the face adds dirt and germs to the skin surface.
  • use dirty pillowcase - pillowcases absorb dirt, grease and grime, so change your pillowcase frequently to keep your face clean.




  • wash gently - no matter how dry or sensitive, your face should be washed once a day.
  • choose the right makeup - avoid products that can emphasize the fine lines and instead use tinted moisturizer that enhances your skin tone.
  • moisturize twice a day - apply moisturizer twice a day to keep skin soft and supple.


  • wash twice a day - wash gently at night and splash with water in the morning.
  • use hot water - hot water can easily irritate skin.
  • use products with fragrances - look for products that are scent-free since those with fragrance can irritate the skin.




  • change with the seasons - switch out your products as needed with the changes of the season because, combination skin has the tendency to change with the weather.
  • divide and conquer - deep clean only the T-zone area and leave the drier areas bare.
  • mix up your makeup - use cream blushes to add a little glow but, sticking to powder eye shadows to reduce smudging.



  • skip the moisturizer - use moisturizer on oily areas and apply more when needed to dry patches.
  • forget to exfoliate - once a week, use a gentle exfoliator to help the skin renewal process.