Do your makeup like a royal
Do your makeup like a royal

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Do your makeup like a royal

This year there were two royal weddings – the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan and the wedding of the princess Eugenie and Jack.

Both of them wore a simple and sophisticated makeup, which is specific for the royals.

We have a habit of wearing a heavy makeup, when the real princesses keep it simple.

How to copy their look?



  • Natural makeup. Both of them had a natural, but fresh makeup. They looked like they don’t have a lot of makeup.


  • The eyes: their eyes are magical. Meghan has brown eyes and Eugenie has green eyes. They didn’t put a lot of makeup on their eyes, but their eyes were still accentuated. They’ve put a very thin line with an eyeliner and a lot of mascara. It is not very easy to copy their look, as it’s a natural and elegant look.
  • The complexion: Meghan has darker and Eugenie has lighter complexion. What they both have in common, is their foundation, which had a light structure. Both of them have a glowing skin. Their secret is that both of them take a very good care of their skin. One must do facials and nourish the skin, in order to wear a foundation with a light structure.
  • The cheekbones: as they don’t have the same complexion, their cheekbones were differently made. Meghan wore a highlighter and Eugenie wore a peach blush. They always wear very natural blushes. We can say that their blushes are always peach, nude or apricot.
  • The lips: Meghan has a rose nude lipstick and Eugenie had a nude lipstick. What is important with this type of color, is that you should be very attentive with it, because sometimes, the nude colors can look invisible if you don’t choose the right color. In the worst case, you might look like you don’t have lips at all (if your lips are thin).

You don’t have to put a lot of makeup, so you can be beautiful. What’s the most important, is what you have in your soul.