Do a homemade lip gloss
Do a homemade lip gloss

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Do a homemade lip gloss

The season of matte lipsticks finished. As of this year, the lip glosses are taking the throne. 

There are also glossy lipsticks, but the lip gloss is always a better choice. 

Why to do a homemade lip gloss when on the market there are plenty of lip glosses from different brands which are available in many different colors? Because the real makeup artist never use only one lip gloss or lipstick. They always mix few ones to get the desired color. To find the perfect color, it is better to do it at home. Another reason is because the lip gloss is bio and natural. 



- Lip gloss based on coconut oil. To do this homemade lip gloss, you will need coconut oil and crayons. It is recommended to buy non toxic crayons which don't contain additives. You get to choose the desired color. You can also mix two or several colors in order to obtain the desired color. 

You put ½ teaspoon of coconut oil and the crayons cut into pieces in a bowl. You put the bowl on a pan where you put boiling water to melt the ingredients. You mix the ingredients and you put them in small lip gloss pots.

You wait for the lip gloss to cool down. Once cooled down, it is ready to be used.


- A very nourishing lip gloss. To nourish the lips, you can do this lip gloss which is very nourishing and which hydrates the lips profoundly. To do it, you will need: vitamin E, candelilla wax, pigments, shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, castor oil and mango butter.

So, you melt the candelilla wax, the shea butter, the beeswax and the mango butter. Once melted, you add the pigments, the vitamin E, the jojoba oil and the castor oil. You mix the ingredients and you put them in a lip gloss pot.