Dare to try those 2019 makeup trends
Dare to try those 2019 makeup trends

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Dare to try those 2019 makeup trends


The celebrities have already presented the new 2019 makeup trends. The celebrities are always informed about the latest trends, so we can trust them.

Just like any other season, this season also has a trend for everybody.

If you don’t know which trend is the best for you, you should know that the best one would be the one that will look good on you.



  • Lip glosses. The matte lipsticks are already in the past. The new trend is glossy lips, but not too glossy. This means to make your lips look like after you have had a lollipop. To achieve this look, you can mix a matte lipstick with a lip gloss.


  • A glowing skin. This season we put the blush on hold and we should use a BB or a CC cream instead of a heavy foundation. But, we can still use highlighters. The effect will be a glowing, nude and natural complexion.

In order to have a glowing skin achieved with a minimal makeup, you need to do facials and to nourish and hydrate the skin very often.


  • A nude makeup. With a glowing skin we can also wear a nude makeup. This trend has already been attractive for the last few years and will still be during this season.

To achieve it, you can combine nude, beige or rose eyeshadows with a black eyeliner.


  • The pantone – the color of the year 2019. The pantone or the living coral is the color of the year 2019. It is also present on the makeup market as a lipstick or as an eyeshadow. The most important is to don’t combine a pantone lipstick with pantone eyeshadows.

The shades of gold look very good with this color.


  • Glossy eyes. Not only that the matte is in the past for the lips, but it is also in the past for the eyes.

To copy this look, you can use creamy eyeshadows or you can use your lip gloss on the eyes.

If you decide to use your lip gloss on the eyes, you need to choose the one which does not have a sweet taste, because it might get sticky.


What is your favorite look?