Cocoa – sweet pleasure for the skin
Cocoa – sweet pleasure for the skin

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Cocoa – sweet pleasure for the skin

The cocoa is the main ingredient of the best chocolates and of the best deserts.

The cocoa is very beneficial for the general health and for the skin.

Because the winter has already arrived, we can use the cocoa to take care of our skin and we can drink it so we can benefit from its benefits.

Give a chocotherapy to your skin.



  • Wake up your senses. The cocoa based cosmetic is considered as a gourmet cosmetic. Because the cocoa is the sweet pleasure, the cocoa based cosmetic wakes our senses and relaxes us. It’s the best aromatherapy with a chocotherapy.


  • Cocoa butter for a very soft skin. Did you know that you can use the cocoa butter to nourish the skin? To hydrate and to make your skin soft, you can mix the cocoa butter with an aloe vera gel. This combination is perfect for a dry and sensitive skin. It’s actually a body butter.


  • The cocoa is a powerful antioxidant. The cocoa is a powerful antioxidant rich with stearic acids. The antioxidants fight against the skin aging and prevent the premature aging. The antioxidants are also important for the general health as they renew the cells. So, you can’t make a mistake if you drink the cocoa or if you use it to nourish the skin.


  • The cocoa to calm the irritated skin. The cocoa has been used since the Mayan Era to calm the irritated skin, to calm the skin burns and to remedy the sun burnt skin. It’s a natural remedy which calms the skin from any type of skin irritation, even from the irritations caused by the insect bites.


  • The cocoa to nourish the skin. The cocoa nourishes the skin profoundly. It is very important to nourish the skin and the hair in order to have a glossy hair and a healthy skin.

To benefit from the cocoa, you can also use the cocoa butter on a very dry skin or hair.


The cocoa season is opened!