Cloudless skin-what does it mean?
Cloudless skin-what does it mean?

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Cloudless skin-what does it mean?


We are already familiar with ‘’glass skin’’ and ‘’honey skin’’ but there is one more routine, the newest ‘’cloudless skin’’. It comes from Korea and it is the most popular skincare routine for 2018. While honey skin and glass skin were centered around achieving a hydrated and healthy complexion, the cloudless skin is about clear, bright and discoloration-free skin as a sunny sky. The cloudless skin is more about healthy skin rather than its appearance. It is, in fact, more a way of life than a trend.


The cloudless skin does not happen overnight. It is an overall practice that is focused on cleaning out the dirt from your pores and keeping your skin healthy and happy without using chemicals or harsh ingredients.

How can you get ‘cloudless skin’?

First of all, you must maintain a strict, healthy diet rich in green-leafy vegetables, raw carrots and vitamins C and A. Then, carefully choose which beauty products you will use.


It is best to use cleanser that will not strip off your skin’s natural oil and that will cleanse your skin deeply. For more supple and clean skin always choose hydrating, alcohol-free toner with vitamin E that will refine your pores. Another product that you should add to your beauty routine for achieving the ‘cloudless skin’ is a high quality anti-spot moisturizer that fights spots and at the same time keeps your skin hydrated. And the last, but not least, use a moisturizer that will keep your skin soft and smooth and protect it from environmental damage.

Be careful because factors like stress, sun damage, hard water or makeup that is not appropriate for your skin type can damage your skin and you will not achieve the desired effect. So, drink plenty of water, never leave home without sunscreen and carefully choose your makeup.