Choose the perfect lipstick for Christmas
Choose the perfect lipstick for Christmas

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Choose the perfect lipstick for Christmas

Everything is magical when it’s Christmas time and we can sense the magic everywhere around us. We should also wear a magical makeup. But because normally we celebrate Christmas with the closest ones, we can’t wear a lot of makeup, because we normally celebrate it by gathering at home. But we can put a lipstick on, so we can have magical lips.



  • Mix two colors. It is very rare that a lipstick is perfect for us. But don’t you worry, because we have the best solution. You can mix two colors to obtain the perfect color. Actually, this is the secret of every makeup artist.

You can only mix regular lipsticks and not the liquid ones.


  • All the shades of red. Because the red is the color of Christmas, you can wear all the shades of red when it comes to the lipstick. We recommend the burgundy and the ruby, but the color depends on the color of your complexion.

Regarding the structure of the lipstick, it is up to you to choose it.


  • The orange lipstick. The orange lipstick is definitely the lipstick of the season. If you want to avoid the red lipstick, the orange one is the perfect change.

You should choose the lipstick’s color according to the color of your complexion. If you have a lighter complexion, than you should choose the lighter orange. If your complexion is darker, you should go with a coral one.


  • Metallic lipsticks. During the holidays the metallic lipsticks are allowed. To be the ‘ice queen’, you can go with a metallic lipstick in no matter which shade of blue.

The lipsticks have the power to make you feel powerful. At the end of the day, you should choose the lipstick that has this power over you. Choose the lipstick that you ‘own’, because the others can see through you and can feel how you feel about yourself. Be magical always!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!