Change your night cream with those oils
Change your night cream with those oils

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Change your night cream with those oils

The night creams nourish the skin, but they are not as effective as the oils. The vegetable or the essential oils nourish the skin profoundly, cure acne, have an anti – aging effect and regenerate the skin.

You can add several drops of your favorite oil in the night cream, but the night creams are not always natural.

Which oils to use instead of your night cream?



  • Jojoba oil. The jojoba oil can replace all of the night creams, because this oil is recommended for all the skin types. It’s an oil which doesn’t leave a greasy film and which penetrates very quickly in the skin.

The jojoba oil is recommended for an oily skin, skin prone to acne and even for the sensitive skin.


  • Sweet almond oil. The sweet almond oil is also recommended for the pregnant women and for the babies. The babies can have a sensitive and a dry skin, so the sweet almond oil is the natural solution for their mothers.

The sweet almond oil can save your skin in winter and can regenerate the dry and the sensitive skin.


  • Coconut oil. The coconut oil regenerates the dry skin and gives results very quickly. This oil is recommended for a dry and a normal skin type. The persons with an oily skin and with an acne prone skin should avoid it because it can cause acne.


  • Argan oil. The argan oil is a gold in a bottle. It’s an oil which regenerates the dry and sensitive skin and an oil which has an anti – aging effect on the skin. It is also perfect for the mature skin.

The argan oil hydrates the skin profoundly.


  • Avocado oil. The avocado oil is recommended for a dry, mature, sensitive and fragile skin. It’s an oil which penetrates very quickly in the skin, regenerates it and makes it soft. This oil also has an anti – aging effect.

We recommend using the oils before going to bed, because some oils can have a negative effect when exposed directly on the sun.