Change your body lotion for those oils
Change your body lotion for those oils

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Change your body lotion for those oils

There are a lot of essential and vegetable oils which make miracles for the skin.

The essential oils are also used in the aromatherapy, as they have a calming effect.

In the cosmetic salons, the essential oils are used to do massages, because they improve the microcirculation.

If you decide to change your body lotion for oils, you will have a lot of benefits.



  • Lemongrass essential oil. It’s an oil which is especially recommended for an oily skin. This oil can resolve your problems with the skin irritations, it can remedy the pimples and it has an anti – bacterial and an anti – septic effect. If you have skin problems, this oil can become your best beauty ally.


  • Rosewood essential oil. It’s an oil which can soothe the eczema and the dermatitis. Normally, it’s an oil recommended for a dry and sensitive skin. So, it’s a perfect oil to be used in winter. This oil is also recommended for a mature skin, as it has an anti – aging effect and it can fight against the wrinkles.


  • Mix two oils for a soft skin. The geranium oil mixed with the sweet almond oil can hydrate your skin profoundly. Both of the oils are known to nourish and hydrate the skin profoundly. The sweet almond oil is also recommended for the babies’ skin so it is safe to be used.


  • Lavender essential oil. The lavender essential oil is the most relaxing one. It’s an oil with an anti – aging effect which fights against the wrinkles, but it is also recommended for an oily skin. So, you can use it for both, a mature skin and a skin with acne tendency.


  • Calendula oil. This oil is very soothing. It’s an oil which cures the skin irritations and which can soothe the burns and the sun burns. Because it’s a greasy oil, it can improve the microcirculation and it can have an anti – aging effect.


If you are experiencing any kind of skin problem, then it is strongly recommended that you change your lotions for oils.