Calendula- a magical herb in the skin care world!
Calendula- a magical herb in the skin care world!

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Calendula- a magical herb in the skin care world!


Also known as Marigold, in honor of Virgin Mary, the Calendula is an herbal plant which is used in medicine, especially in the homeopathic medicine. This wonder herb is native to the Mediterranean region and because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties people have used it for ages to heal cuts, wounds and other inflammatory skin diseases. Now continue reading and learn about the benefits of this magical flower for your skin and hair.

  • Perfect for dry skin.

Dry skin is a very common problem that many people have. Look no further if you want to get rid of dry skin because the oil of calendula is an effective remedy. It moisturizes dry skin, treats rashes and gives the skin a younger-looking glow.

  • Prevents premature aging.

Dry skin leads to premature aging which is not attractive and is a problem for every women. Calendula with its healthy properties restores the skin’s vitality, heals damaged skin and makes it supple, fresh and younger. This oil is so gentle that you can even use it on the delicate area around the eyes to treat puffiness.

  • Prevents acne.

This herbal is full of antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria in the skin’s pores and prevent the formation of acne. Use it regularly and you will notice how your skin becomes clear and supple in a short period of time.

  • Heals irritated skin

Due to its regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties this herb is often used to cure sunburns, rashes, insect bites and other minor skin irritations.

  • Treats dandruff.

Calendula hydrates the scalp and treats dandruff easily if it is regularly applied. Say goodbye to the dandruff and have a shiny and regenerated hair like never before in a simple and natural way.