Buttermilk beauty benefits that everyone should know about
Buttermilk beauty benefits that everyone should know about

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Buttermilk beauty benefits that everyone should know about

One of the most famous drinks in India, buttermilk is extremely nutritious, light on the stomach and so versatile. This wonder drink is great for digestion. It is low in fat and so, is an ideal energy drink for those who want to lose weight. However, its cooling properties are not only good for you from within, but when applied externally it can give a lot of healing and beautifying benefits.

Not everyone knows that buttermilk can be used in the skin care. So, here are some of its beauty benefits:

  • It acts as an excellent bleaching agent.
  • It is ideal for healing a lot of skin issues because of the rich amount of lactic acid.
  • It is a cure for many skin problems such as: skin discolorations, spots, blemishes, etc.
  • It can lighten age spots and tighten skin.
  • It can cure sun damage, tanning and sunburn.
  • It is a great skin cleaner.
  • It acts as a great skin exfoliator.

There are many ways on how you can add buttermilk in your skin care regimen. You can mix it with various ingredients such as: masoor dal, besan, rose water, fuller's earth (multani mitti), orange peel powder, bananas, etc.… It all depends on the skin type.


For Combination skin type

Buttermilk has cleaning enzymes that can help clean and nourish the skin.


For Oily skin type

Mix buttermilk with haldi, multani mitti and crushed walnut powder. Scrub and wash it off with normal water.


For Dry skin type

Those with dry skin can try teaming buttermilk with a pinch of haldi and sandalwood powder and use it as a daily face wash.


At the end, buttermilk contains a type of protein that is easily absorbed when applied topically on the skin, therefore it serves as an excellent agent that should be included in every beauty regime.