7 Skincare myths everyone should know about
7 Skincare myths everyone should know about

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7 Skincare myths everyone should know about

Myth #1: The acne will go away over time

The notion of adult acne is more myth than fact because what triggers acne and helps it resolve aren’t dependent on age. What’s true: Having clear skin as a teenager isn’t a guarantee for acne-free skin later in life.


Myth #2: Age spots are a sign for older skin

Uneven skin tone and brown spots come from years of environmental exposure that can cause visible imperfections. But, these spots can show up at any age.


Myth #3: Drinking more water will help the dry skin

Although drinking water is good for the overall health, it won’t get rid of dry skin, because the causes and solutions of dry skin are far more complex than just drinking water. It’s no doubt that drinking water is beneficial for the skin but, it won’t remove the dryness of the skin.


Myth #4: Its best to use skincare products based on the age

Many products are designed for a specific age group, but age isn’t a skin type. The truth is that someone can have the same skin type as someone else, and be at a different age. Oily skin and clogged pores don’t just automatically go away, and dull-looking skin can be a problem with younger people.


Myth #5: Cooling, tingling sensations are good for the skin

Cooling or tingling sensation means the skin is being sensitized. The ingredients that cause these sensations are alcohol, menthol, methyl lactate, peppermint oil, camphor, and eucalyptus. So, applying such ingredients can cause skin problems that may not be seen at first, but they will definitely show up over time.


Myth #6: The products will stop working over time

After using well-formulated products for a few weeks, the skin may stop improving as much as it initially did. As long as we are applying what’s beneficial for our skin and avoid things that harm the skin, it will remain healthy-looking.


Myth #7: Expensive cosmetics are better than inexpensive ones

There’s no truth that expensive means better. Simply, there are good and bad products. Spending less won’t hurt the skin, and spending more doesn't necessarily means it will do wonders.