Beach makeup
Beach makeup

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Beach makeup

The summer is a fun period, but we cannot have fun on the beach if our look isn’t perfect. Nobody wants to go on the beach looking like a panda or with a melted foundation.

For those who cannot spend a day without a makeup on, we have some ideas on what kind of makeup you should put for going to the beach.

For starters, you should find waterproof products. You need a mascara, a BB or a CC cream and a lip butter. The look will be a nude one.

There are a lot of foundations with a SPF, but however the foundation blocks the pores on the face so it is not a very good combination with the sun and the heat. It is the best to use sun creams and sun blocks only, but if you really need to cover something on the face, then it is better to use a CC or a BB. Their function is to hydrate the skin, to protect it from the sun and to hide the imperfections. You should use BBs or CCs with a SPF 50 because the face is the most gentle and it can easily get burned.

The second step is putting a mascara on. You should use a waterproof mascara. There are various choices of waterproof mascaras, but the best ones are those which are based on natural ingredients.

You can also put a waterproof eye liner. You should use either a white or a nude eye liner. You have to leave the black one for the evening.

The last step is the lip balm. There are lip balms with a SPF. Please don’t forget to protect the lips from the sun. Just like the black eye liner, the lipsticks should be left for the evening.

You can also use a lip gloss, but the lip balm will give more hydration to your lips.

After you finish with your makeup, please don’t forget to put a sun cream on the whole body and please don’t stay long out in the sun.