Banana: your new beauty ally
Banana: your new beauty ally

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Banana: your new beauty ally

The banana is one of the miraculous fruits for your face and your skin. 

The banana preserves your weight, your organism and your beauty.

The banana is rich with vitamins, minerals, fibers, iron and proteins. It's an anti - stress and anti - depressive ingredient which makes your heart healthy.

But what are all of the benefits of the banana for the skin and for the beauty?



- The banana against the stress. The banana is an anti - stress, anti - depressive and anti - insomniac fruit. The stress is one of the factors which cause acne. So the banana can prevent acne and can help you calm yourself down and find the sleep more easily. You will also be in a good mood.


- The banana fights the free radicals. The banana fights the free radicals, so the banana has anti - aging effects on the skin. This is why the banana is an inevitable ingredient of the homemade facial masks. But, if you consume it, you will have the same effect.


- The banana peel to cleanse the skin. You shouldn't trow the banana peel because it's a true elixir. If you rub the face with the banana peel, it's a way of cleaning the skin. You will have a clean and glowing skin!


- The banana improves the skin's elasticity. Not only that the banana fights against the skin aging, but it also improves the skin's elasticity. 

The banana is rich with the vitamin B6 and the vitamin C, which are "responsible" for a good skin elasticity.

The vitamin C also improves the skin's structure. 


- Banana against acne. The banana and its peel can cure acne. There are a lot of homemade masks based on mashed banana. But not only that the banana cleanses the skin, but it also can cure acne. You should rub the acne with a banana three times per day: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.


To prepare homemade banana based masks, you can only use a mashed banana and add some yogurt and honey if you wish to.