Are you ready for Vampire Face-lift?
Are you ready for Vampire Face-lift?

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Are you ready for Vampire Face-lift?

The Vampire Face-lift is a cosmetic procedure that involves extracting blood from the arms and re-injecting into the skin areas that need to be filled out or restored with a very fine needle. These injections are performed to create a smooth, rounder and plumper appearance. During the Vampire Face-lift, Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are used to lift the skin from the bone and to give good shape with youthful look to the skin. With this procedure we will experience improvement in the skin tone and texture and total restoration of the facial shape while growing out new and younger skin tissues.


Here are the rest of the benefits of Vampire Face-lift:

  • Vampire Face-lift can stimulate the collagen production
  • Vampire Face-lift can remove the face wrinkles
  • Vampire Face-lift can make the skin soft and supple
  • Vampire Face-lift can rejuvenate the skin complexion
  • Vampire Face-lift can lessen the skin folds
  • Vampire Face-lift can remove the sagging skin
  • Vampire Face-lift is a painless process
  • Vampire Face-lift can develop clarity of the skin
  • Vampire Face-lift is cheaper than the face surgery
  • Vampire Face-lift has no side effects
  • Vampire Face-lift can make the skin tighter
  • Vampire Face-lift can remove scar marks and spots
  • Vampire Face-lift can fight against aging factors
  • Vampire Face-lift can improve the blood flow
  • Vampire Face-lift can develop better quality of skin


However, this cosmetic procedure is not the ideal treatment for all types of wrinkles. It is generally better for volumizing thin areas that have more delicate lines. The Vampire Face-lift is also better for individuals with skin that has been affected by natural aging. Plus, these “bloody injections” are not only excellent for face wrinkles but, can be used also on other parts of the body.