Allergens in cosmetic products
Allergens in cosmetic products

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Allergens in cosmetic products

It is very rare to find cosmetic products which don’t contain allergens.

2% of the consumers are victims of the allergens in the cosmetic products. The allergens can cause irritations and eczema on the skin.

Every consumer should be careful and aware of what he/she uses.

You should read the content on the cosmetic products.


We have made a small list of allergens found in the cosmetic products:


  • Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) – this substance is forbidden since 12.02.2017 by the DGCCRF. It can still be found in traces in some cosmetic products.

The MIT can cause eczema, because it can be found in cosmetic products which are not washable such as face creams, body lotions or body milks.


  • Perfumed substances (Parfum (Fragrance)) – the perfumes can be found in most of the products such as: shampoos, creams, body lotions, perfumes etc. The list for perfumed substances is very long, but all of the perfumed substances can unfortunately cause very serious allergies.

There are natural perfumed substances and chemical perfumed substances.


The natural perfumed substances, even though they are bio, can provoke allergies on some persons. For example, there are persons allergic to pollen, lavender, grass etc. Those substances can also cause allergies when the skin is directly exposed under the sun.


The chemical perfumed substances can cause allergies, cancer, asthma, hormonal imbalance etc.

Those substances give the aroma of the product.


  • Isobutylparaben – This substance is a part of the parabens group. All of the parabens are not recommended to be used, but the isobutylparaben is strongly discouraged. This substance not only that causes allergies, but it can also cause hormonal imbalance.


  • Without parabens. If you think that the cosmetic products without parabens are safe, you are very far from the truth. In those products there are no parabens, but there are substances that replace the parabens, which can cause very serious skin allergies.


There are persons who are not allergic to the substances mentioned above, but however, everybody should be very careful.