All the natural solutions to treat acne
All the natural solutions to treat acne

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All the natural solutions to treat acne

There are a lot of reasons why you are having acne: hormones, puberty, pregnancy, foods, oily skin etc.

Acne is a skin disease which should be treated properly. Acne can make you lose confidence.

We have found all of the natural solutions to treat acne.



  1. Baby acne. We will start by the little ones. It’s a nightmare for the mom if her baby has acne. The baby skin is very sensitive so it’s not recommended to use products against acne.


Solution: breast milk.


The mother should apply a small quantity of her milk on a cotton pad and to apply it on the baby’s skin where the acne is.


  1. Puberty acne. Because of hormonal changes, acne during puberty if very common.


Solution: detoxify the skin.


Because the skin in puberty is still sensitive, it is not recommended to use cosmetic products. You should stop the acne before it appears. It is necessary to detoxify the skin regularly.


  1. Adult acne. The adult acne is a phenomenon, which have become more and more common. The reasons for its apparition are different.


Solution: take care of your skin.


Because the reasons are different, you should find the cause of your acne breakout. This means that you should visit a dermatologist and consult him/her.

Take a good care of the skin is essential in order to have a healthy and glowing skin.

After you find the reason for the acne apparition, you should cleanse your skin with essential oils recommended for an oily skin. The lavender oil and the tea tree oil are the oils which are most efficient in the fight against acne. But, if the reason for your acne breakout are the hormones or some foods, you will cure acne for the moment, but you won’t stop them. This is why you need to visit a dermatologist.


You should detoxify, cleanse, hydrate the skin regularly and to eat foods rich with vitamins, in order to prevent acne.