All the makeup combinations with the hot pink lipstick
All the makeup combinations with the hot pink lipstick

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All the makeup combinations with the hot pink lipstick

The hot pink lipstick looks good on everybody. But, because it's a specific color, sometimes it is difficult to decide what eye shadow and what blush to wear with it.

Because it's a brave color (but not as brave as the red lipstick), you are a real fashionista if you wear it.



- Smokey eyes. This lipstick color goes very well with smokey eyes. This look attracts attention so not everybody can wear it. 

It's a winning combination if you want to avoid a classical look (a red lipstick with a black eyeliner). It's a modern look if you go to the disco. 


- Emphasize the lips. If you want to emphasize the lips only, we recommend using this lipstick with beige or gold shades on the eyes. You can also put a white or golden eyeliner, in order to get a gentle look.

You might also add a golden highlighter to complete this look.


- Would you like to be a Catwoman? If you're a braver person who wants to be in the center of the attention, but if you're mysterious at the same time, we recommend using this lipstick with a black eyeliner. You will also need false eyelashes.

A rose blush would be perfect with this look.


- How to get a feminine look? If you want to get a feminine look, you can combine this lipstick  with black or gray clothes. 

You don't have to emphasize the eyes, you should only put brown eyeshadows. 

To get matte lips, apply the lipstick with your fingers. 


- A hot pink lipstick for work. This lipstick is perfect for work. You don't have to put anything else. You can only apply a mascara. It will be sufficient.

Of course this depends on the type of work that you have, because sometimes we're not allowed to wear makeup at work.


Regarding, the lipstick structure, we will let you choose it by yourselves.