All of the steps for a homemade facial treatment
All of the steps for a homemade facial treatment

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All of the steps for a homemade facial treatment

In order to know how your skin functions, you need to read and collect information about your skin type. It is not excluded that we can experiment at home with it, but it is always better to be sure of what we practice, in order to have the best results and in order to avoid the unwanted effects.

If you want to save time and money, we have found all of the steps on how to do a facial treatment which is also safe to be done.



Do a facial sauna. Before starting with the first step, don't forget to remove your makeup. It is very important to remove the makeup before starting so the skin can get a profound care to the deepest layers. 

The facial sauna cleanses the skin profoundly, opens the pores and prepares the skin for the second step.


Do a face scrub. The second step is to do a homemade face scrub. The face scrub helps the skin by detoxifying the skin and by eliminating the dead cells. 

Because the face peeling dries the skin, it is time to proceed with the third step.


Apply a face mask. There are several types of face masks for every skin type. The mask hydrates the skin, which was dried out by the face peeling.

If it's a peel - off mask, it helps remove the blackheads and the excess of sebum.

But after the mask, the skin should be still hydrated again. So, we proceed with the fourth step.


Hydrate the skin. After all the steps above, we should still hydrate the skin. You should apply an essential oil or your daily face cream (or the night cream if you do the facial before bed).

The essential oils are always better than the face creams, because they're bio and natural, but some of them shouldn't be exposed to the sun, because they might have a counter effect.

You can also add several drops of your favorite essential oil in your day cream to get a similar effect.


To hydrate the skin is the last step of the facial treatment.
To have a successful treatment you should use products which are suitable for your skin type.
You should know which oil, which mask and which scrub to use, in order to get the wanted results.