All of the advices on how your skin can benefit from the shower
All of the advices on how your skin can benefit from the shower

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All of the advices on how your skin can benefit from the shower

To take a shower regularly it means to have a good hygiene.

The morning shower has different benefits than the evening shower.

But what are the benefits of the shower for the skin and how to successfully have a shower which makes your skin and organism healthy?



  • Use baby soaps. If a product is recommended for children, it is also recommended for adults. The babies and the children are the most vulnerable and the most sensitive category. You shouldn’t believe in products which are not recommended for babies and pregnant women.

The baby soaps are mild and hydrating. Those soaps don’t disturb the pH of the skin.


  • The shea butter – your new ally for a dry skin. The shower gels based on shea butter are the best for a dry skin, because they are very hydrating and nourishing.

If you have a dry skin, you can also use body lotions, after the shower, based on shea butter.


  • The frequency of showers in a week. According to a study, it is not good to take a shower every day or to take a shower few times per day. It is recommended to shower twice or three times in a week.

The skin forms a hydrolipidic film, which protects it from bacteria and if we shower very frequently, this film gets damaged.

Some soaps dry the skin and disturb the pH of the skin. This is why you should use mild soaps and shower gels.

The persons suffering from skin diseases, such as eczema, should also avoid taking shower every day.


  • Shower oil to nourish the skin. The shower oils are better than the regular shower gels. The shower gels contain essential oils which nourish the skin and make it soft. The argan oil, the sweet almond oil and the rose water are recommended the most for a dry, sensitive and mature skin.

Enjoy your next shower!