African-american women guide to glowy skin!
African-american women guide to glowy skin!

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African-american women guide to glowy skin!


Women with darker skin tone have different skin care routine than those with lighter skin. The African-American women usually have darker and combination skin that requires extra nourishment and moisturizer, and that’s why they must follow different skin care routine than the women with lighter skin tone. Incorporate these basic tips into your every day skin care routine and you will have glowing, clean and shiny skin like never before. Here is what’s important for your skin type:


CLEANSE SPARINGLY- If you have darker skin, you need to cleanse your face just once a day. Cleansing too often is not recommended for your skin type because it can rob the skin off its moisture and make it chalky and dry. Avoid soaps and always choose gentle cleanser that will make your skin supple and soft.

MOISTURISE REGULARLY. This is the most important step from your daily beauty routine. One thing that you always need to have among your skin care products is a quality moisturizer. Dark skin is more sensitive and can dry out easily, that’s why you need to apply moisturizer several times a day or as soon as you feel the skin is stretching.

Bonus tip: Natural oils such as the magical Coconut oil or Shea butter are perfect moisturizers and can make your skin soft and supple in a natural and simple way.

WEAR SUNSCREEN. This is another essential product that you must have in your home. Even though your skin is protected by extra melanin, the sunscreen will protect your skin from the UV rays and will prevent you from many skin problems and irritations. Make it a habit and apply it every day, your skin needs it.

 Additional tip: if you want to slow down the process of aging and have youthful appearance it is very important to eat healthy, stay hydrated and to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Follow this and enjoy!