A soup for the skin?
A soup for the skin?

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A soup for the skin?


We eat soups to lose weight, to detoxify the organism, to stay in good health and to improve the general condition of our health.

Because the soups contain a lot of vitamins, we should also eat soups to improve the general condition of the skin.

We have made a small list of soups, which are beneficial for the skin.



  • Carrot soup. The carrots contain a lot of vitamins and a beta – carotene. The beta – carotene can be found in many vegetables, but the carrots contain the most of it. The beta – carotene protects the skin from the sun and from its dangerous rays.

If you don’t want to expose yourself on the sun, and you would like to have a fake tan, the carrots can make your wish come true. You need to eat a carrot soup in order to have a fake tan.

The carrots have an anti – aging effect on the skin and fight against the premature aging on the skin.


  • A pumpkin soup with olive oil. The pumpkin is rich with vitamins A, B1, C and E. Those are the most important vitamins for a glowing skin. The pumpkin purifies the skin and it is often used as a main ingredient in cosmetic products.

The olive oil repairs the skin, especially the dry skin. When eaten, this oil detoxifies both, the organism and the skin.

This combination a pumpkin and an olive oil, is a winning combination for the skin. By eating a pumpkin soup with olive oil, you can repair, detoxify and purify the skin.


  • Tomato soup. The tomatoes are consisted of 95% of water. We already know that the water is essential for a proper skin function. We should always hydrate both, the skin and the organism.

Not only that the tomato is consisted of 95% of water, but it is also rich with minerals and with vitamins A, B and C.


The tomato has an anti – aging effect, because it is a powerful antioxidant.

This is why the tomato managed to be an ingredient in the cosmetic products.

The tomato soup is our favorite soup, which has the best taste.


You can experiment and you can also mix other ingredients and spices with the soups from this list.