8 bad everyday habits that lead to premature aging
8 bad everyday habits that lead to premature aging

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8 bad everyday habits that lead to premature aging

Nowadays we often forget that everyday habits can contribute to skin aging. So, maybe it’s time to evaluate some of our daily routines. The foods we eat and the way we sleep are some of the habits that can add years to our face.

We’ve prepared a list of 8 bad habits that we MUST change in order to maintain our skin healthy and young.

  1. Stress

Chronic stress releases free radicals, that can damage cells that are responsible for aging.


  1. Sweets

Sweets may add years to our face because, sugar molecules attach themselves to protein fibers in each of our cells. This damaging process, can result in a loss of radiance, dark circles under the eyes, increased pore size, loss of tone, puffiness, an increase in fine lines and wrinkles and loss of facial contours.


  1. Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to dark bags under the eyes, many skin problems, redness, lack of daytime energy, mental sluggishness, attention problems, or weight gain. Plus, sleeping upside down can create wrinkles and accelerate aging. The connective tissue and collagen will become weaker and therefore the fine lines from the pillow will become much visible.  


  1. Eye cream

Skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. Keeping the eye area moisturized can take years off the face. Most effective eye creams are the ones that contain retinol, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C as they promote formation of collagen and elastin to tighten the skin and reduce fine lines around the eyes.


  1. Sunscreen

The number one cause of premature aging are the UV rays. UV light is present even when it's cloudy or raining. That’s why it’s important to protect the skin by wearing sunblock with SPF between 30 and 50 on a daily basis.


  1. Make-up

Wearing excessive amounts of makeup, can clog pores and cause breakouts. Plus, overusing skin products with fragrances, irritating chemicals, and alcohol agents may dry out the skin by removing its natural oils, which causes premature lines and wrinkles.


  1. Straw

Drinking beverages through a straw can cause wrinkles especially around the eyes and lips. This also occurs when smoking cigarettes.


  1. Diet

Some fats are necessary for maintaining a youthful appearance. Omega 3 fatty acids can keep the skin supple and plumped, thereby free of wrinkles and fine lines.