7 foods to avoid for acne-free skin
7 foods to avoid for acne-free skin

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7 foods to avoid for acne-free skin

We might not even notice but, our favorite food could be the reason for those annoying bumps popping out on our faces. Yes, there are times when consuming some foods can do more harm than good to our skin. Oftentimes unhealthy foods can cause acne and blemishes to a great extent. They are caused because of the secretion of sebum caused by genetics, hormonal disorder, stress, hot and humid weather and sometimes even by oil- based makeup. And if its not taken proper skin care, they can lead to scars.

So, to avoid this, we all need to change our diet a little bit. Here's a list of foods that we should be avoiding to prevent our skin from unwanted acne.



Excess of milk can cause hormonal dis-balance that it is directly related to acne. So, for clear and acne-free skin, the consumption of milk and milk products should be limited.



Gluten present in the bread increases the chance of the appearance of skin inflammations. Its consumption may also reduce the number of antioxidants in the body. Therefore, by eliminating the bread and carbohydrates, we can boost benefits for our bodies and skin.



Spinach is usually recommended in any diet as it is healthy food that can help maintain clear skin. However, consuming spinach in excess may lead to acne and other skin inflammations on the face, because spinach contains a big amount of iodine in it.



Greasy and fried foods can aggravate acne more than the rest of the foods. Grease and fat present in the processed fried foods can lead to accumulation of excess oil and make the skin look unhealthy and sore.

Alcohol can trigger many inflammations and cause a hormonal dis-balance which can then lead to acne and breakouts. Excessive intake of alcohol can end in zinc deficiency and zinc is considered as a fighter against acne and blemishes.



Caffeine has tendency to cause acne and other skin issues. For much clearer skin, we should limit or avoid drinking coffee or anything else that contains caffeine.



It is known that spicy foods can harm the digestive system and cause inflammation in the digestive tracts. Consuming foods that are spicy on a regular basis can result in acne and breakouts.