5 Best natural acne scar removers
5 Best natural acne scar removers

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5 Best natural acne scar removers

Hiding acne and breakout scars can be tough job. Make-up sometimes can do the job, but not always. There are some home remedies that can hide such scars in much natural way and make the face looking more beautiful. Above all, the cleanliness is very important and the best way of scar-covering is the usage of some effective natural remedies for removing scars.

Here are some of the natural remedies that are perfect for removing acne scars:

Tomato acne scar remover


Tomatoes are great product for removing dark spots and scars from the face. With the regular rubbing of the acne scar with a slice of a tomato, you will easily see the difference on your face.


Neem acne scar remover

Neem or Indian Lilac is excellent natural remedy for removing acne scars. Washing the face with lukewarm water that previously had been boiled with neem leaves will definitely provide good and healthy skin complexion without scars.


Ice cube acne scar remover

Ice cubes are extra ordinary and side effect free remedy that can easily remove the acne scars. Apply slowly one small ice cube over the scar marks. By doing this on a regular basis, getting skin free from scars will be easier.

Almond and rose water acne scar remover

Almond is another natural ingredient that can provide excellent skin tone without any type of scars as well as blemishes. Mix few peeled and blended almonds, that previously had been soaked in water with 1 tbsp. of rose water and apply them on the affected area. This will easily cover the acne scars without any make-up.


Turmeric and honey acne scar remover

The mixture of turmeric and honey has anti-septic property extracted directly from nature. With applying this paste over the acne scar areas on a regular basis the scars will fade out very quickly.