5 beauty secrets Chinese women swear by
5 beauty secrets Chinese women swear by

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5 beauty secrets Chinese women swear by


There are not other women in the world with more youthful appearance and flawless skin than the Chinese. They took their beauty rituals very seriously and have skincare routines that consist of many steps that they do every day. But they also have a lot of ancient beauty secrets that are passed down through generations and that can do wonders on the skin. That’s why we are bringing you some of their secrets for healthy, glowing and youthful skin…

Mung Beans for treating acne and pimples. Discovered centuries ago, these beans were secret beauty weapon for many Chinese empresses and women. They made face masks from them which was the best natural way for treating acne and also for de-puffing the eyes.

Pearl Powder for Rejuvenation. The use of this powder in China is a must. It rejuvenates skin, soothes irritated skin, removes pigmentation, regenerates collagen and even fights acne. It is simply the magical beauty product that every woman wants.

They use jade rollers.These are very popular among Chinese women and they use them regularly to improve the circulation and help the skin to heal. It is also believed that the jade roller has anti-aging benefits like removing the fine lines and wrinkles from the face as well as tightening the pores.

Mint leaves for brighter complexion. Chinese women are already famous for their light complexion and porcelain face. One of their secrets to achieve this effect are the mint leaves. They make pasta from them and apply it on the face for a brighter complexion and toned skin.

Green tea for less wrinkles. They drink a lot of teas but the green tea is especially popular because it has amazing antioxidant properties that hold back the signs of aging thus reducing the appearance of winkles and fine lines on the face.