4 beauty secrets, straight from Paris
4 beauty secrets, straight from Paris

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4 beauty secrets, straight from Paris


When we think about women with beautiful and radiant complexion without too much make up and youthful appearance, we surely think about the French women. Already famous for their ‘chic style’ and shiny hair the French women can also be proud with their flawless, radiant and smooth skin. But how do they manage to have that great-looking skin? If you are curious to know just continue reading and find out right now.


  • When it comes to make up they follow the rule ‘’less is more’’.

French women want to look natural and simply and their goal is to have radiant skin without too much foundation. They never go to bed with makeup and always use quality products or natural ingredients on their skin and faces.

  • They accept the aging process.

Covering the fine lines and the wrinkles on their faces is not something that the French women do. Instead of fighting the aging process like many women do, the French women embrace it. They just focus on maintaining healthy skin and are content with their age.


  • Moisturizing is a must

Nothing can protect your skin better than a good quality moisturizer. That’s why it is a part from the French women daily beauty routine. Not only it protects the skin from many problems and irritations but it also reduces the wrinkles and helps the skin to stay young for a longer period of time.

  • They eat healthy

When it comes to eating, the French women follow simple rule- ‘’eat very well and in moderation’’. They usually avoid the fast food and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits aaand there is one more thing, they enjoy a glass of wine every day.