3 wonderful natural toners for oily skin!
3 wonderful natural toners for oily skin!

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3 wonderful natural toners for oily skin!

Having an oily skin is a very common problem that can happen to anyone at any age. Whether is it on the T-zone or all over your face, once you have it, you can not easily get rid of it. If you are one of those with oily skin, you probably suffer from large pores, pimples and you face shines all the time. Following a proper CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) routine is important not only for people with oily skin but for every skin type. But the one step that you should never skip if you have an oily skin is the toning. Toners are necessary for this skin type because they balance the skin’s Ph level, provide it with extra cleansing and remove the excess oil from the face. Today we are going to reveal you some natural toners which are perfect for oily skin and can make wonders for your skin type. Well, here they are:

  1. Lemon toner. Lemons are rich source of Vitamins C and their benefits for the skin are endless. As a natural astringents, lemons will treat oily skin too. They will tighten the large pores, remove the excess oil from your face and also kill the bacteria that is causing the appearance of the acne.
  2. Rose water toner. This natural ingredient has been discovered long ago and even queen Cleopatra used it in her daily beauty routine to tone her skin and reduce the wrinkles. Incorporate this magic potion in your skin care routine and get rid of the oily skin once and for all.
  3. Cucumber toner. This natural toner is delightfully refreshing and will remove the excess dirt and oil from your face creating a perfect skin moisture and oil balance. Use it regularly and you will have your normal skin back within two weeks.

                         Try these natural toners and ENJOY!