13 "Golden age" beauties and their old, but gold beauty secrets
13 "Golden age" beauties and their old, but gold beauty secrets

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13 "Golden age" beauties and their old, but gold beauty secrets

When it comes to beauty routines, today’s Hollywood stars do nothing compared to those from the “Golden age”. Here are 13 beauty secrets from 13 old-time beauties.


  1. Marilyn Monroe 

Monroe used 5 different shades of lipstick and gloss to create a perfect shade. Darker reds on the outer corners, lighter shades in the middle to lend dimension.

  1. Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor had a habit of shaving her face. That way she removed the fine baby hairs and the surface of the skin, which gave her a skin glow.

  1. Audrey Hepburn

After applying mascara, Audrey used a pin to separate each individual lash and that's how she got her dramatic yet natural look.

  1. Carole Lombard

Before she put on her makeup, she'd draw a thin white line on the nose as she believed it made it look straighter. Aren’t we still doing this today?


  1. Grace Kelly

Did you know that contouring isn’t a new technique? The Princess of Monaco used to define her cheekbones, with one shade for underneath her cheekbones, and a slightly darker shade dusted on the apples…


  1. Vivien Leigh

Full lips have always been “in”. So, V. Leigh used liner to draw outside her natural lip, giving the illusion of a larger pout.


  1. Marlene Dietrich

This German-American actress had her molars removed to further accentuate her cheekbones and using surgical tape to give herself a temporary facelift.


  1. Greta Garbo

Garbo put a thin layer of petroleum jelly on her eyelids underneath a dark eyeshadow. She also lined her eyes with a mixture of jelly and charcoal pigment.


  1. Mae West

Mae West would apply coconut oil to her face as a moisturizer to give her skin a youthful glow. And you thought that we invented this?


  1. Gloria Swanson

Her best beauty secret was healthy food. And, not only she was eating veggies but she would apply them to the face regularly. 


  1. Sophia Loren

Loren followed a Mediterranean diet religiously. Additionally, she kept her skin soft and luminous by soaking in a hot bath with a few splashes of oil.


  1. Bette Davis

Davis kept her eyes looking bright by applying cucumbers to her lids at night and using petroleum jelly under the eyes to combat dark circles. Yes, please!





  1. Fannie Ward

She would hang upside down for half an hour every day because according to her, strange posture causes blood to pour generously through the skin. The skin tissues would receive their needed bloodbath, which nourishes and revivifies. She believed that this practice would freshen the most faded complexion.