Instructions for using our pore cleanser properly!
Instructions for using our pore cleanser properly!

Instructions for using our pore cleanser properly!

Crystal Secret Pore Cleanser is a suction device which can suck the area with vacuum in order to extract the impurities from the pores. But if you want to maximize the results you must follow the steps bellow and must be careful while you are using the device.

Step 1: For starting you Must open the pores so the vacuum can be more efficient and to easily remove the dirt from the pores. There are several ways to open the pores:

Step 2: It is recommended to clean the extensions of the device before using the device with water, especially if the device was previously used.

Step 3: Use the device over the face slowly and Don't stay on a same spot for a longer than a second. (Take a look down "What to do" and "What NOT to do").



  • Do NOT stay on a same spot for longer than a second otherwise there is a chance to leave short term bruises or red spots;
  • Do NOT maneuver too fast on the face;
  • Do NOT use the device in the morning, so if you have little red skin to have time to recover;
  • If you see small effects it means that your pores are NOT on the surface yet and they are too deep down to be extracted. In this case try to use the device one week later.
  • If you have been to an certain area with the device, DO NOT come back on the same are again and use the device again on the same spot!



  1. Slowly move the device back and forth on the skin;
  2. Stay on a spot for only a second;
  3. Use it before bed time so even if there is a red skin it will be gone till the morning;
  4. Use moisturizer or toner to soften the face after the treatment ( We have one of the best toners on the market and you can find it Here );
  5. Take your time and don't rush the treatment.



With this device there are 4 extensions that you will get and here is a visual image of what are they using for (the first extension is my favorite) :


This is a professional suction device for a home usage and be careful while using it. If you are not sure how to use try to find a professional to help you. After a blackhead/whitehead removal treatment there is very normal if sometimes you have a little red skin after using it because the blackheads must be released from the pores. If you see small results that means that the blackheads are not on the surface on the skin to be extracted so in this case you should try using the device after a week.

DISCLAIMER: Do not Overuse because it could cause some irritation and potentially some bruises or hickeys. This document is for reference purposes only. The device is with strong suction power and you must be careful while using them at home without any professional supervising.