Instructions for using our black mask properly!
Instructions for using our black mask properly!

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Instructions for using our black mask properly!

You are not here for teaching biology, but did you know that human skin is the largest organ of the body? With its three layers of tissue it is considered as monumental organ of the integumentary system. Despite the fact that our skin provides us protection, the epidermis (outer layer) is soft and fragile, and need to be treated carefully. When skin breakouts occur, it means that something is wrong with your body. Blackheads, acne and pimples are nothing less that red alarm for your health. Touching, squeezing and pressing the infected tissues is just like spilling salt on a wound. Acne, blackheads, whiteheads… are clogged pores and inside that infected pore there is a mix of dead skin cells, white blood cells, bacteria and sebum. But, if you are so persistent on popping them, do you know what is the worst thing that could happen? You will spread the bacteria from your fingers all over your face and expand the existing inflammation. Now, since we clarified some pimple things, let’s learn how to apply the Black Mask that you have bought.

Skin Layers

First and foremost step, also often asked question: What is the best way to apply the Crystal Secret Black Mask? You will not need any tools, gloves, mask applicator or similar to apply the Black Mask. Just your clean & bare fingers and a good mood for a fun facial day.

Before applying the Black Mask, it is suggested to have a headband. This is recommended especially for female customers. Headbands are usually made of elastic materials and their role is to hold the hair away from the face. If you have read the package description you will know that you must avoid hairy & sensitive areas (eyes, eyebrows and lips) while using the Black Mask.

Other significant step is opening the pores. When pores are open you allow the mask ingredients to penetrate into the skin and act adhering to the surface. Steaming your face is the best option for achieving maximum results. Found out everything about face steaming at your home on this link:

    If you are not a fan of hot steam method, there is another alternative. Just soak a clean & soft towel in warm water and hold it on your face for several minutes.

    How to apply the Black Mask:

    how to apply the black mask

    • Open the tube and squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips. Gently apply an even & thick layer of the Black Mask on the desired area. The thicker the layer the easier to remove. Also, working on sections is the best method to apply. Wait at least 20 minutes and made your first “peel-off test”.

    • The peel-off test: Touch your skin/face so you can feel if the mask is completely dry. As long as the mask looks like shiny and elastic latex and nothing shows up on your fingers it means it is ready to be removed. You can stretch up the face to help loosen up and lift the mask, then start peeling. Slowly peel the mask from outer edge to center.

    • Final step is applying a moisturizer. This way you will tighten the pores and prolong the luminosity. If you still have not selected your favorite moisturizer toner, check out the Crystal Secret Face Toner, specially designed for this purpose:

    About the product:

    Our brand new and purifying peeling mask is the simplest and the most efficient solution when it comes to facial treatments. With its deep cleansing effect and opulence formula you will notice results from the very first treatment. Crystal Secret Black Mask is made for removing blackheads, dead cell tissue, pimples, excessive sebum, also preventing further pore blockage and forming acne. After the first mask peeling your skin gets tightened, feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Eventually, the pores will decrease and if you are having troubles with enlarged pores this is the right product for you. This Black Mask is made for all ages & genders, and if you have any doubts due to its ingredients you can find them on this link:

    Crystal Secret Black Mask

    Enjoy your crystal clear, healthy and vibrant skin and Thank You for shopping with us!