Instructions for using our blackhead extractor set properly!
Instructions for using our blackhead extractor set properly!

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Instructions for using our blackhead extractor set properly!


First, let’s learn how to use a blackhead removal tool:

The materials you are going to need for this procedure are:

  1. A sterilized blackhead/whitehead extractor;
  2. A warm wet towel or using a steamer;
  3. Alcohol cotton pads;
  4. Sterile gloves;
  5. Gauze.

Step one to remove a blackhead is to heat the area up, this allows the blackheads to get a little loser and come out easier when you use the extractor tool. Steam your face if possible. Found out more about the easiest way to do a face steaming on this link:

Step two is putting on gloves as sterile technique. By putting on gloves you maintain the bacteria from your hands don’t affect the area that you are going to treat.

Step three is to apply alcohol to the area where the blackhead is. Just soak a piece of cotton with medical alcohol and gently apply to the inflamed area.

Step four is to disinfect the remover tool with alcohol. This is important especially if the tool was previously used.

Step five as the final maneuver of the treatment will be using a gauze handy. Tap and hold on the gauze on the treated spot in order to stop the bleeding and clean the area. When the procedure is complete apply some face toner to look after the threated area.

How to choose your extractor tool:

The set includes five (5) small and metal tools, each with a special purpose according to your skin problems. Crystal Secret extractor tools are made from 100% dermatologically tested stainless steel. They are used for removing blackheads, whiteheads, acne breakouts, milia and comedons. Description and instruction of all different sizes and angles for your complete facial treatment:

  1. The Blackhead tweezer (tweeze me) is a tool in a curved shape that ends in a sharp point. This tool will gently poke the blackhead and extract the comedons with the sharp end while simultaneously squeezing the pore and pulling the pus This tool is mostly used for removing blackheads on nose, chin and forehead.
  2. Dual loop extractor (twins tool) is designed to remove deep and stubborn blackheads and acne effectively. The tool has two different rings on each side and has a rounded grip to ensure best results. You can pick the size that is most suitable to the size of the blackhead you are extracting.
  3. Pimple lancet tool (pierce me) is made for breaking the whitehead by piercing it with the lancet, then once the pore is punctured, center it with the loop on the other side. This tool is also used for treating milia. If you have any reservations about using the lancet, it is worthwhile investing in seeing either a dermatologist or an aesthetician who is experienced in this area. That way, you will avoid errors that could lead to scarring.
  4. The Curette shaped extractor (squeeze me) end is used for pressing out blackheads. Thin angled loop to roll out mature whiteheads and a flat side to press out blackheads. The flatter end loop minimizes bruising and skin irritation. A favorite among estheticians. 
  5. The extractor stick (pick me) will remove your nose blackheads and whiteheads which are hard to reach. With a gentle pressure on the desired area it will release the trapped sebum and cleanse your pores. Use the loop head to squeeze the pimples.

Terms of use, warning & disclaimer



If you choose to use a blackhead extractor tweezer/tool, you should never push too hard on blackheads, whiteheads, acne breakouts, milia and comedons. For example, sometimes a blackhead can be stubborn or difficult to remove and pushing too hard on skin can damage skin cells, causing more problems than will be initially evident during the treatment.


Also, before you try to dislodge trapped sebum, make sure you are indeed working on a blackhead. Sebaceous filaments are small blackhead-like pores that cover the oilier areas of your skin. Sebaceous filaments tend to have a tan or gray tone rather than the dark black center of a blackhead. They are also normally smaller than a blackhead. By trying to extract sebaceous filaments, you can cause further infection on your skin.


When used correctly, a blackhead extractor tool can serve to remove trapped sebum from the skin. Your dermatologist/skin care specialist can help you learn how to properly use a blackhead extractor so that you do not damage your skin. While using the tools you must be gentle, careful and cautious. Extracting without cleansing first may lead to dangerous bacterial infections and chronic blemish problems. If you are not sure how to use them please consult your dermatologist.

DISCLAIMER: Overuse could cause some irritation and potentially some scarring. This document is for reference purposes only. These tools are sharp and you must be careful while using them at home without any professional supervising.